Helping young people manage money

Financial Education

One of our passions is to empower young people to manage money effectively as we see this as an essential element for adult life.

The education system, in its simplest form, is about preparing young people to function effectively and efficiently in adult society.

An understanding of money has to be a basic requirement but all too often it is not taught in any coordinated way in schools which leaves many floundering in early adulthood – making mistakes which could otherwise be avoided.

One of our passions is to empower young people to take more control of their finances and understand how sound money management can lead to greater independence and more choices.

We have worked with many young people and have held talks and workshops in the following local schools:

  • Dorchester Middle School (filmed on BBC South today)
  • Baden Powell (St Peters) Middle School in Poole
  • Oakhurst Middle School in West Moors
  • Emmanuel Middle School in Verwood
  • Bournemouth School
  • Bournemouth & Poole College

We have also raised money with a charity concert in April 2015, some of which (£3,000) was used to create a financial education programme for young people.

We have worked closely with Daniel Britton, the Peter Jones Academy Enterprise Tutor of the Year 2013 and author of Financial Fairy Tales, to help children’s financial understanding across the age ranges.

Frankly, it’s not easy trying to integrate financial education into schools with there being such a strong emphasis on the curriculum and exams. Arguably until financial acumen is an examinable subject in its own right perhaps we are ‘pushing water uphill’ but our passion remains to help young people understand more about money.

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