Making sense of the options and delivering value: The Blue Sky Approach.

Investments are the heartbeat of most financial planning. When modelling scenarios, considering possibilities and making important decisions, the annual investment return is central to successful outcomes. This also informs the level of risk that needs to be taken.

Our Investment Review service is right for you if:

  • You have large investable assets as we can create bespoke portfolios or strategies for Trust or Charity money
  • You have a complex mix of investments and pension policies or a lump sum. We will help you make sense of your options and explore the best way to use this money wisely; or
  • You are looking to achieve a regular tax-free income

Investment Returns – Optimising returns on capital

Most clients we see initially have an eclectic mix of loosely connected investments and pensions; an array of policies accumulated over time.

A portfolio that meets your attitude to risk is vital. Economic conditions, markets, companies, fund managers, investment styles, risk tolerance and personal circumstances; all these factors change. So, here at Blue Sky, we encourage clients to review their strategy regularly too. All too often we find that the risk inherent within existing plans is much higher than the client’s attitude to risk and, more importantly, their tolerance for loss.

Many people spend a lot of time shopping around for a marginal improvement in interest from a savings account, yet leave the fate of much more significant capital to chance. The differential in performance between the best and worst performing funds is significant. Unless you have a real interest in fund management and undertake detailed research, it is likely your holdings are not performing as well as they could.

Investment Management

A hugely significant determinant of performance is choosing the right asset class at the right time before choosing an effective combination of risk rated investments. This is the job of professionals – our team.

If you are looking for guidance with your Investments, call 01202 756560.

At Blue Sky we offer four styles of investment management:

Active Blue Sky Model Portfolios

We have been running our own in-house portfolios since 2004 and have a very desirable track record. We have a dedicated research team and investment committee. Technology strongly supports our proposition through online valuations, an efficient switching process and frequent investment updates to our clients. Portfolios are risk rated and are created for growth and/or income. They are evaluated on a daily basis.

Discretionary Fund Management

In certain circumstances a discretionary approach via an outsourced proposition is most suitable. This is where an investment house makes informed decisions on behalf of a client without the need for specific permission on any changes to the investment proposition. The costs to run such a strategy can be higher but it has the added advantage of having access to a wider investment spectrum.

Passive Investment Strategies

We like using passive investment strategies with a tactical overlay. Our extensive research leads us to select the most appropriate fund houses. A Passive Investment Strategy typically allows access to lower cost investment vehicles.

Bespoke Portfolios

We are able to create bespoke portfolios for our high net worth clients. These portfolios typically involve a strong degree of collaboration between planner and client. This may involve researching a particular niche area of the market.

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