Client Reviews

Client Reviews

Working with Blue Sky …has been way beyond what you would expect as a client

“I have been working with Russell for 12 years. In England I had a number of mortgages on my house when I was setting up a business, and couldn’t get out of my  draining mortgage when I had no money.

I have since sold a business and moved with the family to another country with all the challenges of transferring money, buying a house and selling a house as well as managing investments. Blue Sky and Russell have supported my family and me through all of these challenging times with Russell helping me get money transferred and freeing up money to buy a house. All vital things!

Blue Sky’s role, one could say, is to manage my investments. That is what you get with a normal company. However, Blue Sky and Russell have always gone far beyond that. Russell has always immediately provided me with everything that I have needed for every difficult situation, totally understanding the need to get things done in certain timeframes. This is well beyond the brief of looking after my investments.

Russell treats me as a client would like to be treated. When I think of the work that he has to put in to help me prepare an annual report here in my new country of residence, I am embarrassed! Not once, has Russell shown the slightest sign of these things being extra work for him or losing his patience.

Regarding this annual report, Russell worked to understand what was needed, even though he couldn’t speak the language, and actually ended up helping to train the lawyer here in what was required!

If I had to sum up Russell, I would say that he is patient, understanding, knowledgeable, hard-working and efficient. Russell is someone who learns and is prepared to look into something if he doesn’t know the answer immediately. He puts things into language that I can understand and has no problem in explaining things in a non-patronising manner to a non-financial person.

If anyone is thinking about working with Blue Sky, I would be delighted to talk to you in more detail about what they, and in particular Russell have done for me. I will just finish by saying that it has been way beyond what you would expect as a client…”


Impressed by the focus on understanding us, our priorities and aims …

We joined Blue Sky after having been with an adviser linked to our Bank for some time. The contrast is significant, with Blue Sky being far more proactive and actually managing our money. We have been impressed by the focus on understanding us, our priorities and aims and our appetite (or otherwise) for risk. We have been particularly impressed and reassured by the cash flow projections that have helped us to understand our future needs. We’ve also appreciated the regular market updates, particularly given the impact on the market of recent events.

We have been meeting with Gus since we joined Blue Sky three years ago and have always felt that he is advising us based on our situation rather than simply following a house model. We’ve also really appreciated the lack of hard sell, with him actually suggesting that we spend more!

With any adviser, the relationship depends to a large extent on the individuals you deal with. We have found dealing with Gus to be a positive experience and feel that we have a good working relationship. From an overall perspective we like the culture and approach that Gary has developed within Blue Sky.

Mr & Mrs CDorset

Becoming a customer of Blue Sky is one of the best decisions I have ever made and I so wish I could persuade more of my friends and relatives to do so

I have been a customer of Gary Neild’s since he set up Blue Sky, if not before. When I first met him I felt straight away that he was honest, genuine and principled. At the time I was working as a young care worker for Dorset Social Services. I had a small private pension that I had set up a few years earlier but basically, I had nothing really. However, I felt that Gary treated me as a customer with as much respect and care as he might do someone who actually had some money!

Time passes and one’s financial situation changes and now, twenty-odd years later, I feel so happy that I entrusted the management of my portfolio to Gary, and later to his team of brilliant advisors including Tammy and Russell. And, since marrying my wife in 2010 they have taken on her portfolio too.

As we move towards our retirement we are confident and relaxed with our financial status thanks to Blue Sky. Personally, I never thought that at this stage of my life I would be able to retire early and feel confident that I would be financially secure for the rest of my life. But I am able to! Thanks Blue Sky.

Being able to take a look at any of our accounts online at any time is brilliant and the regular annual reviews are always very reassuring. They enable us to keep track of where we are financially as well as to have a pretty good idea of where we will be in future. Becoming a customer of Blue Sky is one of the best decisions I have ever made and I so wish I could persuade more of my friends and relatives to do so. It would make their lives so much less stressful.

Mr & Mrs GDorset

I was delighted to learn that I could  retire at the end of the year

As always, I find reading the weekly blog very insightful and informative and rest assured that my pension fund is in safe hands.

Having recently completed the annual review and made some adjustments to the positioning of funds I was delighted to learn that I could  retire at the end of the year; something I never thought possible before the pension was transferred into Blue Sky. Incidentally, I won’t be retiring that soon, but could consider downscaling my operations.

Thank you for all your hard work in looking after the funds and keep up the good work.

Tim CDorset

No IFAs met our needs…Until we found Blue Sky!

As we were coming up to retirement some years ago, we were very much aware that we would need professional help to maximise our financial position, and so we looked at several IFAs in the Christchurch/Bournemouth/Poole area, none of which met our needs.  Until we found Blue Sky!

We were impressed by their friendly, open, but professional approach, and the plan that was put together for us has given us great confidence to enjoy our retirement. We have subsequently been able to follow Gary’s mantra – ‘enjoy your wealth’ (within reason!), without needing to worry about its management. We are also looking forward to the future under the care of Blue Sky as we have every confidence that their knowledge and expertise will guide us despite what life and the markets might throw in our way.

We really enjoy visiting the Blue Sky offices, (the coffee and chocolates are very good!), where we feel everyone has an interest in us as people and not as just another client.  We have a great relationship with both Gary and Tammy, and they make us feel part of the Blue Sky family.

We would have no hesitation at all in recommending this organisation to anyone looking for help with their finances.

Joan and PeterHighcliffe

Would I recommend Blue Sky? Make that a resounding YES!!

Blue Sky was recommended to me by a friend when I came into a modest inheritance.

I was impressed by their expertise and professionalism but would expect no less from people working at that level.

In my distant past, when working in advertising, the mantra when advising clients about ‘brand ambassadors’, was that ‘People buy People First’…enter Centre Stage: Tammy Dimond.

Tammy’s excellent communications skills, warmth, calmness and gentle good humour, made sure that I ‘got it’.

My modest inheritance has performed better than I dared hope for and its survival over recent months has been nothing short of miraculous.

I am now enjoying retirement and after a history of poor health, am now living extremely well, and making up for the ‘sobriety of my youth’

Would I recommend Blue Sky? Make that a resounding YES!!

Ms HarrisonHampshire

We feel our money is well managed and protected

My wife and I have been so pleased with the professional, confident and approachable manner in which Blue Sky have controlled our finances. A previous work colleague of my wife recommended Blue Sky and we are so glad they did, as from the moment we had our introduction meeting we felt so at ease and impressed with the premises and staff.

Our initial contact was with Russell Skinner who later handed over to Andrew Dunn as our financial planner. They are both very friendly and excellent at their jobs.

We feel our money is well managed and protected and under Blue Sky’s management, we have seen a healthy growth of our investments over the past 3 years, enabling us to enjoy our early retirement.

Ian and AnnDorset

Nothing is too much trouble

We are delighted by the care, attention and skill applied to managing our pension portfolio.

Nothing is too much trouble for Gus and he presents our options with clarity, demonstrating a genuine interest in achieving the best possible future for us.

We would not hesitate to recommend Gus and the wider Blue Sky team

Duncan and TrudyBournemouth

Excellent professional advice and a great welcome from the Blue Sky Team.

Blue Sky were recommended to us, but we were naturally apprehensive when we initially contacted them, as it felt a big step to be discussing moving our current pensions. However, from the first meeting we both felt at ease. We genuinely felt like we were talking to experts in this field, who always listened and advised us based upon what we wanted to do now and through to retirement.

Throughout the whole process we have always been guided through our options and have been given expert advice – this has allowed us to understand our financial position and to make educated decisions.

Our yearly review was very impressive and excellently prepared. Having received a great welcome by all the team on arrival, our expectations were not only met, but exceeded. We are both still smiling from ear to ear at what the company has achieved on our behalf.

A big thankyou to Gary, Russell and the team for their tremendous support and advice during the last year.

Rik and GillChristchurch

Trust, respect and excellent advice from a professional and friendly team

We were recommended to contact Gary when my husband obtained a 3 year contract to work overseas.  I clearly remember the very first meeting, over 8 years ago now, I sat with Gary in the Blue Sky office whilst my husband was on a very sketchy video link overseas.  We could not have been made to feel more welcome and put at ease.  Since that time our relationship with Gary and Tammy and the Blue Sky team has developed into one of trust and respect.

We could not ask for a better person than Tammy, who is so professional and reassuring when guiding us through our investments.  Tammy also takes the time to get to know you and she is always caring and understanding.

Our annual review is always well prepared and we feel confident the advice we receive is always clear and that our investments are in safe hands.

It is an absolute pleasure to deal with Blue Sky and we would not hesitate to recommend them to friends and family.

John & JillLymington

Not what you do with your money, but more of what your money can do for you…

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks and gratitude for the knowledge, interest and advice imparted to me by Gary and Tammy over the five or so years I have been with them. To be honest I wasn’t  particularly good with money, but after being introduced to Blue Sky Financial Planning and was given my first consultation, which was thorough and informative. I realised it is not what you do with your money, but more of what your money can do for you, if invested wisely. I have certainly benefited from the investments made.

Would like to wish Gary and his team all the deserved success for the future.


All the options explained in a clear understandable way

Having used financial advisers in the past who were either tied to one company or were receiving a commission on the recommended products for years after we had had any contact with them, we were very cautious and a little cynical about the whole industry.

However, as I approached my chosen retirement date, over 7 years ago now, I decided to take my relatively small company pension as a drawdown after very low quotes for an annuity and soon realised that I really did need advice on how to manage this. I initially approached another IFA but before committing, I decided to compare their services with Blue Sky as several work colleagues had been very happy with the company pension investment services, they had received from them.

I was very impressed with their approach to retirement planning and the examples of the visual tools used which were shown to me. On the back of that I persuaded my husband to come along as well to a meeting to discuss not just my pension pot but our other savings and investments

With the help of Blue Sky, and Tammy in particular, we were able to see that we had in fact saved enough for our fairly modest lifestyle to see us through to our 90s. We therefore decided to move our investment and cash ISAs to Blue Sky as well as my pension and have not regretted this decision at all.

Our regular reviews with Tammy are relaxed and friendly and the information is presented in a clear way which gives us confidence that our savings are in safe hands and available whenever we need them. We have never felt under any pressure but have had all the options explained in a clear understandable way. All the staff at Blue Sky who we have had contact with are professional but friendly and approachable as well and we have felt valued as clients.

We are happy to recommend their services, especially the planning side, to anyone who is considering their retirement options whether it is imminent or a long way in the future.

Mr & Mrs S

Mr and Mrs SChristchurch

Every confidence since becoming a Blue Sky client

I  have been delighted  with the professional service offered by Blue Sky, especially Andrew (Gus), with his friendly and efficient manner and advice offered.

I have every confidence in the way forward since becoming a Blue Sky Client.


A very special firm indeed, in whom we have complete confidence

We remain as impressed as ever in all our dealings with Blue Sky FP.  A very special firm indeed, in whom we have complete confidence.

David & GiselleDorset

I feel more in control of my financial future than ever before

Blue Sky was recommended to me by another client, and I’ve been very pleased. My pensions and savings are all now working well and I feel more in control of my financial future than ever before.

My regular update meetings with Russell are always useful and leave me feeling optimistic about my finances. The Cashflow System is an excellent tool to map out differing scenarios too, meaning decision making is easier. Another very refreshing thing to mention is that Blue Sky always responds really quickly to emails!


A real pleasure dealing with such a lovely bunch of people

We wanted a say a big “thank-you” for making the process of moving our all-important investments to Blue Sky completely painless – it’s been a real pleasure dealing with such a lovely bunch of people who are clearly focused on excellent customer service.

David and AnnYork

Blue Sky has integrity and they care.

The Blue Sky Team has been looking after my investments for over 10 years now.  I am certain that I am far better off now financially than I would have been had I not enlisted their help.  It has given me such peace of mind to know that my investments are being carefully managed through whatever economic turmoil there may be.

Blue Sky has integrity and they care.

Elizabeth GilmourStirling

The service Gary and his splendid team provide is second to none

We’re deeply impressed by Blue Sky and the service they provide!   How refreshing to have a living person answer the phone immediately!   What a contrast to so many other firms where one is kept waiting for half an hour, listening to a recorded message saying how important the call is!

Not so with Blue Sky!  The service Gary and his splendid team provide is second to none.  Their efficiency and expertise is exceedingly impressive and has remained so, consistently for the 11 years we’ve been pleased to have had them handling our affairs.

David and GiselleDorset

Helping me to see that early retirement was possible

I have really appreciated Russell’s support and guidance. He really listened to me and by providing detailed analysis in response to my needs, helped me see that early retirement was possible.

I am very grateful!


More to life than work

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Blue Sky, when I took over my Father’s finances and investments that he had with them a couple of years ago.

They were very helpful and I was impressed by their professionalism, depth of knowledge, level of service and how they had managed his portfolio over the years.

Whilst chatting about my own situation, Andy opened my eyes to a life without “work”, which I thought would never happen. Retirement was a daunting and intimidating subject, when not really understood, but Russell and Andy were very reassuring and have enabled me to retire 10 years early, with their pension and investment advice.

I would highly recommend Blue Sky and already have, to friends and family. It can be positively lifechanging, as it was for me.

D KBuckinghamshire

Blue Sky helped me get a beach hut!

After my mum died and left me an inheritance, I knew she would have wanted me to be sensible, but exciting. She loved the beach and when I had the opportunity to reply to an independent advert to share a beach hut, I went for it. Each year I’m now able to pay for 4 months thanks to Blue Sky.

As a retired but active person, Gary helped me with sympathy and humour to sort out my financial priorities based on my life style and life expectancy – scary but so important! Since then Tammy has supported my choices with appropriate investments tailored to who I am and what I would like to achieve in the future. I look forward to our annual meeting where we exchange personal news and updates of my financial situation. With her calm reassurance and encouragement, I’m looking forward to being able to afford my care home – eventually!

I would highly recommend Blue Sky to anyone and especially those people who feel that maybe you need to be a millionaire to invest your money with a financial advisor.

Blue Sky are there for everyone and they are brilliant at it!


We like the intimacy of Blue Sky’s ’boutique service’

We have been working with Blue Sky for many years. The analytical effort at the outset has proved to be worth every minute because it’s formed the basis to our plan, guided many decisions, and gives clarity for every discussion. Blue Sky are right to insist upon it.

We find Blue Sky provide what is probably known as a “boutique service” and we like its intimacy because it means their professional advice is consistent and focused on our circumstances and it’s reassuring and efficient when you deal with a team who know you and your needs. Talking through the options for investment and performance has turned a chore into an interest.

It’s been one of our biggest and best decisions to go with Blue Sky.


The value of outstanding customer service should never waiver and that’s where Blue Sky excel.

 “Investments can go down as well as up – we get that, but the value of outstanding customer service should never waiver and that’s where Blue Sky excel.

We were introduced to Gary Neild by a family member just over a year ago and it was the most important financial decision of our lives.

On the face of it, our final-salary pensions looked decent. Keep working until you’re 65 and have a nice income. But that’s another 10 years off. We wanted a bit more, we wanted to live our lives now, not in 10 years’ time, so we sought advice from Blue Sky.

Dealing with financial experts can be daunting and intimidating, especially when you have no idea about the subject, but Blue Sky were reassuring, informative and personable and put us at ease.  Their due diligence was thorough and we have always known exactly where we stand.  They took time to discuss our life goals and dreams and made us excited for the future.

We have put our trust in them and their expertise – and it has lifted a huge weight off our minds. We no longer have to worry about our financial future, we now have financial security.

Gary, Russell and Theresa provide a very professional service and have exceeded our expectations and we would therefore highly recommend Blue Sky.

Mr & Mrs PDorset

A Unique Personal Service

Gary and his team have successfully looked after our financial affairs since he first established Blue Sky FP in 2002.

Gary has always provided us with sound professional guidance and advice, tailored with a genuine interest in our personal wellbeing. Unlike other financial advisors that we have come across in the past, Gary has always spent considerable time with us getting to understand our values, beliefs, needs and aspirations, as they have inevitably changed over time – in terms of family, career, lifestyle and personal goals – and has thereby, consistently provided a collaborative and holistic approach to our financial planning.

Alongside Gary’s and his team’s professional attributes, comes a friendly, happy and welcoming demeanour.

We have had no hesitation in recommending Blue Sky FP to members of our family, friends and colleagues…and we will continue to do so.

Gary and TeresaDorset

Without doubt, the best call I have ever made.

In the two years that we have been working with Blue Sky, we have been so impressed with the professionalism, depth of understanding and levels of service provided by Andrew, Russell and the rest of the Blue Sky Team.

Nothing is ever too much trouble for them and the levels of service are second to none. The modelling of different scenarios at both the start of our journey and at the annual reviews, gives us confidence that we are on the right track. We always feel reassured that the Blue Sky team are behind us and our investments.

We cannot praise them enough for the work they do behind the scenes to make our pension work to give us the lifestyle we want. They are always there if we need them. The phone call I made to Andrew just over 2 years ago, having been given his name by a friend, is without doubt the best call I have ever made.

We would, without hesitation, recommend Blue Sky to anybody who was looking for financial advice. Keep up the good work.

Kevin and LornaAylesbury, Bucks

It’s made a huge difference to our lives.

We first met with Gary Neild when we were in our late 20’s. A free consultation with the company he then worked for, was advertised on our pay slip!

We’d had our first child and were on the property ladder. Both of us have always worked for the NHS and, despite advice from other advisers, out finances were not in great shape.

Now in our 60’s, we are both semi-retired and financially secure. This is through the continued guidance and planning we’ve received from Gary and the team at Blue Sky. We’ve not had the luck of inheritance, just the good fortune of that connection with Gary Neild.

It’s made a huge difference to our lives.

David and HeatherHighcliffe

I feel proud to be associated with such a prestigious company

I decided to explore the possibility of drawing down my pension and by chance I had a discussion about pensions with a good friend of mine.

He informed me that he had placed his investments in the hands of Blue Sky and could highly recommend them. I phoned Andrew (Gus) Dunn at Blue Sky and was extremely impressed with his professionalism and clarity when explaining potentially complex issues. We arranged to meet at his office to discuss financial planning.

This was a highly productive and informative meeting. Gus asked the pertinent questions and then listened to our financial aspirations along with our feelings on risk. We decided to go ahead and invest my pension funds. We also met the owner of the business, Gary Neild, after our meeting with Gus. Both Gary and Gus came across as being empathetic and passionate about the business.

We have been so impressed with Blue Sky’s investment performance, communication skills and professionalism, especially during the last two turbulent years.

I feel proud to be associated with such a prestigious company, so much so, that I have recommended them to friends and businesses.

Investing with Blue Sky has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

NickSouth Devon

Blue Sky get to know you and take an holistic approach

We have three daughters to look after and have had a demanding/stressful employment history including redundancy and the need to undertake contract work, so our position was neither comfortable nor straightforward.

Having agonised for quite a while, like most people we imagine, over whether to use a financial adviser and incur the costs involved we took the plunge with Blue Sky. We were lucky enough to know of them through friendships so that helped in the decision.

I have always found Blue Sky to be innovative with a desire to continuously improve the quality of the service they offer and this has meant even listening to some of my feedback on occasion. Blue Sky get to know you and take an holistic approach focussing as much on your well-being and peace of mind as the health of your finances.

The key impact of Blue Sky’s advice and approach has been to provide a clear picture of our financial status allowing us to firstly and most importantly feel secure (less worried) about both the current position and the future. This has gradually allowed us to release the mental shackles on our spending thus enabling us to enjoy life more now and look forward with confidence. A clear understanding of our position has brought with it choice and flexibility and supported the decision to retire early.

In this respect, Blue Sky provide so much more than financial advice, with our physical and mental health being prioritised, as they should be, in all discussions and decisions.

First and foremost, however, we are looking forward positively and are starting to enjoy our hard earned cash in the knowledge that out our savings are safe and being actively made to work as hard as possible on our behalf.”

Rich & FeeDorset

Freedom and flexibility for the next chapter of my life

I have known Gary for over 30 years, both as a friend and as a client, where he initially managed some low-level investments for me.

After working in the credit industry for 33 years, I had the opportunity of voluntary redundancy and to “take the money and run” back in 2017.  This is where Blue Sky and their knowledge and expertise really came into play.  After a comprehensive assessment of my pension and assets it became apparent, using their Cash Flow Planning, that by moving my Defined Pension to an investment, managed by Blue Sky, would give me the freedom and flexibility for the next chapter of my life.  At 53 years of age, I genuinely believed that, when I left my role, I would have to find alternative work for another 10+ years but since 2017 I have lived the life I want, working a few hours per week…when I want – if I want.

Taking that leap of faith, with the advice I received, has been one of the best decisions of my life, for my family and myself.  Gary, Tammy and Russell are excellent, professional people and the whole team at Blue Sky give you the confidence that your investments are being well looked after and in safe hands.

Thank you, Blue Sky, and keep up the great work.

Steve and AllieBournemouth

Blue Sky-it’s a breath of fresh air!

We have been using Blue Sky to manage our Investments for a couple of years and we are both very pleased with the service and the returns they have achieved for us.

We have been dealing with Gus, whose patience, expertise and obvious professionalism has been very re-assuring. We have never felt pressured into taking favoured policies and we have enjoyed Blue Sky’s collegiate, consultative approach to doing business and dealing with clients.

Blue Sky have been exceptionally proactive with regular newsletters, seminars, both online and in the flesh, and regular face to face reviews which we never have to remind them about.

Blue Sky think carefully about their own investment decisions and always explain them clearly. When so many advisors just follow the herd, it is very refreshing, and there is a set of strong corporate values which informs their overall approach.

We have recommended Blue Sky to friends and family in the past and would be very pleased to do so in the future.

Blue Sky-it’s a breath of fresh air!

Hendrik and KarenSwanage

The Blue Sky team are so friendly, confident and positive and really encourage you to live the best life you can.

Blue Sky was recommended to me by a friend after I had received an inheritance from my mother five years ago. I knew nothing about investments and really had no confidence in financial advisers, however, Gary put me very much at ease at our first meeting.

Subsequently, Gary and Tammy have always kept me very well informed and more importantly have never made me feel that my investment is insignificant. They have always explained things very clearly and have always made me feel comfortable enough to ask any questions, however daft those questions may seem!

I can honestly say that I never worry about my money; I have every confidence that it is in safe hands and leave them to do the worrying for me. Tammy is always at the end of the phone if needed and I know I will always get a prompt reply to any email.

The Blue Sky team are so friendly, confident and positive and really encourage you to live the best life you can.

I thoroughly recommend them!


Delighted with their performance and professionalism throughout

Through a friends recommendation I transferred my pension over to Blue Sky in May this year.  I have been delighted with their performance and professionalism throughout.  Yes, the fact that my pension has increased by a sizable amount has undoubtedly helped my positive judgement; but more than that, their friendly assistance and willingness to help and guide you through the financial markets also plays a large part in my overall high opinion of them.

I will continue to recommend them to family and friends.  Keep up the great work and well done.


One of the best decisions we’ve made

Moving my defined benefit pensions to investments managed by Blue Sky, has been one of the best decisions we’ve made. The access and flexibility we have to our investments in the future has given me the confidence to make life changing decisions now.

The professionalism and expertise of Gary, Andrew and the team at Blue Sky has made sure that after a turbulent period for the world economy, we are in a very good position with our investments.

We have every confidence in Blue Sky Financial Planning…our investments are in safe hands and we thoroughly recommend Gary and his team.

Paul and JaneRingwood

We needed the help of a company we could trust and have confidence in.

Eight years ago, my wife and I needed a plan that would allow us to financially enjoy life now, whilst ensuring a financially secure future. We knew our financial portfolio was not growing, but with no experience of the investment markets nor the time to monitor or research them, we knew we needed the help of a company we could trust and have confidence in.

A good friend of ours introduced us to Blue Sky and during the past 8 years, with the country having been through some unprecedented events both economically and socially, having Blue Sky manage our portfolio has not only brought us financial growth but also confidence and peace of mind.

Over the years we have particularly appreciated our annual review where we have been able to take stock, reflect and re-assess our priorities under the guidance of our financial planner, Tammy, who is also always available should we ever have any queries or need advice.

The whole approach of Blue Sky has been professional, courteous, and accessible and we can highly recommend.

Tim and NicoleBournemouth

The service provided has exceeded all our expectations

We first engaged with Gary, Russell and the team at Blue Sky when as a family we had the opportunity for a few placements overseas.  We quickly realised that we had let our finances become scattered and did not have an overall strategy for the future.

A former colleague put us in touch with Gary and we have not looked back.  Initially we were looking for some advice to consolidate our finances and develop a strategy that we could use whilst resident overseas. Gary was only too happy to tailor their services accordingly for this period.

The focus, since our return in 2019, has been ensuring that we are well placed for retirement when we choose.  The Client Service and knowledge of Gary and the team has been excellent throughout our relationship and this has given us a huge amount of trust in any advice that we receive.  We feel that from the first meeting Gary and the team have fully understood our goals and they have utilised their expertise to offer regular sound advice.  This has been supported by the Annual Reviews which have been a great way to develop our relationship and have given us confidence that we have the ability to choose our own retirement plan without financial worry.

The service provided has exceeded all our expectations and we now look forward to a future where we can continue to enjoy life further thanks to the strategies developed with Blue Sky.

T & GBerkshire

Courteous service, professional and friendly communications, timely advice.

We have been clients of Blue Sky for over 15 years now, during which we have been very satisfied with their handling of our investments.

At all times during our many dealings with them, we have received courteous service, professional and friendly communications, together with timely advice.

Any suggestions as to the areas of investments are explained and executed, all in line with the our general aims and feelings and as regularly discussed with them.

We have no hesitations in recommending them.

Malcolm and AngelaDorset

Allowing us to make the right decisions with confidence

My family and I have been using Gary, Tammy and Blue Sky for many years. We have always felt confident that our investments are in safe hands and they have always performed beyond our expectations.

The team always explain everything fully, allowing us to make the right decisions with confidence. As a result, we have been able to retire early thanks to Blue Sky.

We have recommended Blue Sky to family and friends and would not hesitate to recommend them to all.

Ian and EstelleBournemouth

You are in safe hands in what can be a daunting field

We were recommended to Blue Sky’s services by a friend who had recently retired as a financial advisor. We were basically looking to get some guidance on future retirement plans and how best to consolidate various historic employer and personal pension schemes that had accumulated over time.

I will admit to some initial hesitancy and scepticism over the outlay, fees and commission but, after researching the market a little and finding Blue Sky to be competitive and recommended by others, we decided to take the plunge.

Gary, Tammy and the team at Blue Sky offer a friendly and excellent service, immediately making you feel that you are in safe hands in what can be a daunting field.  The personalised online dashboard is user friendly and allows for a straightforward view of your investments and their performance at your fingertips. We are also kept very well informed on the market and related topics with interesting weekly bulletins.

Adam and MarianaLondon W5

Replacing my concerns with confidence

A friend who had been a bank manager and was a client of Blue Sky suggested I should consider their services and consequently have been with them now for more than six years.

Already retired and having had poor service and returns from investments with a major bank in the past, I was somewhat apprehensive. However, Blue Sky and particularly Tammy, soon dispelled my concerns replacing them with the confidence their advice and guidance brings.

I would certainly recommend the Blue Sky team to anyone, particularly those unsure of how best to protect and enhance their finances.

BernardMilford On Sea

We’re in control

I was recommended to Blue Sky by a work colleague. I had 4 pensions with different employers and my wife had a defined benefit pension and after just two meetings with Gary and Tammy, my wife and I had a clear plan for retirement.

My pensions are now all in one place, we know exactly what we have and with Gary and Tammy’s help, we both retired before we were 60. We’ve enjoyed our planning meetings and seeing our pensions work for us. We know at a glance what investments we have and how much they’re worth. We’re in control and Gary and Tammy keep us on track with our future planning.

Blue Sky offer a great personal service and make you feel like a valued client. Without their support and knowledge we would be less confident in our financial decision making.

Colin and SharonDorset

Changed our lives and given us peace of mind

We have been with Blue Sky for over ten years and have always been delighted with the personal service that we have been given.

All of the staff, both front line and in support, have always been a pleasure to speak with.  After our very first meeting when we were very much put at ease, through to our recent annual review, every contact with Gary or with any one of his team is something we look forward to.

Not only has Blue Sky helped us financially, it has changed our lives, but it has also, and this is key for us, given us peace of mind.  We will always be grateful to the person who suggested Gary in the first place, and to Blue Sky for everything it has done for us since then.

Pete and JudyPoole

A refreshing approach

18 months ago, myself and my wife were looking at our finances and could not see how we could ever retire. We have a large mortgage late in life due to life’s circumstances!!

I spoke with a colleague who suggested I speak with Gary as we may be surprised.

We did this and  had an initial meeting with Gary explaining where we were at. Rather than just try and sell to us, we spent 2 hours with Gary and explained our reasons for wanting to retire. This was due to the fact that I had had a wakeup call of a heart attack and wanted to look shorter term.

To cut a long story short, a year in from signing up with Blue Sky, we have just had our annual review and feel confident we can now retire in 4 years as opposed to previously, not having any idea.

Russell, (the realist), put together a timeline up to the age of 90 and stress tested against the potential for hard times

The approach is refreshing and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend

Mark and GaynorDorset

An invaluable understanding of our financial position

We are extremely happy with the service Blue Sky have provided since moving our investments and pensions to them in 2018.

Having an understanding of our financial position when we decide to retire has been invaluable. For example, when an opportunity came up in 2019 to reduce the hours I was working, which also meant a reduction in our income, I spoke to Blue Sky who “ran the numbers” through their cash flow systems to see what the impact would be for our retirement plans. Having that information was very powerful and meant I did take that opportunity.

We’re very much converted to the idea that “knowledge is power” and Blue Sky have definitely enabled that for us.

Robin and GillVerwood

Every confidence in Blue Sky

Since initial contact and through to the transfer of our financial affairs, Blue Sky have been excellent both in understanding our long term aims and the subsequent advice and communication.

I have every confidence in them.


It’s been a revelation and something we wish we’d done sooner

From our initial visit to their office, where we were very warmly welcomed by Louise and made to feel special, with small touches like a reserved parking space and refreshments, to our cash flow meeting that followed with Gary who quickly put us at ease and walked us through the detail making everything clear (and fun), and then the regular online contact from Tammy and the team since, we have been so impressed with everything and everyone.

If you think getting financial advice may be boring and difficult to understand, Blue Sky will turn this all on its head to make it an enjoyable and thought-provoking time to look at your finances, to fulfil your future dreams.

It’s been a revelation and something we wish we’d done sooner in life, but so glad we have now.

Thoroughly recommended.

Julian & CamillaDorset

Wealth and Health

I was very kindly invited to deliver a talk on screening in health care as part of a ‘wealth and health’ seminar hosted by Blue Sky.

I was massively impressed by presentations from the Blue Sky team, their planning strategies and principles.

We have since moved all our financial planning to Blue Sky and have felt very secure and confident that our finances are being managed as safely and efficiently as possible.

The structuring of our investments that Gary patiently explains to us when we meet with him, are personally tailored to suit our specific needs and aspirations.

My wife and I are much happier with our financial planning than we have ever been and would be happy to recommend the Blue Sky Team to anyone.

Dr A CDorset

Expertise and support

I first came into contact with Gary and Blue Sky in 2005. A colleague and I were deeply concerned we had accumulated, and got to the stage of making significant contributions to, our pension funds, including AVCs and employer matching, yet had no idea from the range of funds provided which one(s) would be best to be invested in. This is something, surprisingly, our employer in the financial industry would not help us with at all.

We didn’t know when or why we should switch funds, understand the whole gambit of asset classes, how they perform and relate to each other, and risks associated. In our high stress jobs, we had neither the time, skills nor inclination to learn how to do so, or conduct the ongoing necessary monitoring of market trends and events.

Gary agreed to set up a service providing guidance on a number of “portfolios” we could choose from, based on appetite for risk and proximity to retirement. Little did we know just a matter of months later, there would be a financial collapse and credit crunch. However, Gary had seen the signs in the market before it happened and had adjusted the portfolio guidance accordingly. Gary saved me from losing a much larger sum.

Fast forward and with the assistance of Gary throughout, I reached the point at 55 where I wanted to retire from full time work. Gary’s planning tools convinced me I was in a position to be able to do this, so I handed over my pension fund for him to manage and continue with investment advice and planning.

Who would have foreseen Brexit and the Pandemic, on top of personal events, throughout which I have continued to benefit from Gary and team’s expertise and support.

Mr P HJPM - Dorset

Work Life Balance

Having been pessimistic about financial planning for many years, the team at Blue Sky have given me full confidence to let someone else organize my finances!

With clear upfront costs, face-to-face discussion and a clear vision from the outset, Blue Sky have given me a long-term strategy for investment, which takes all my family’s individual needs into consideration.

They have also given me confidence to reconsider my work life balance and begin the process of retirement planning.

Since investing with Blue Sky, returns have been higher than expected despite the current turmoil due to COVID19.

Dr J BMedical Consultant - Dorset

Dare to dream…

As a habitual worrier it is fair to say I delayed addressing the thorny question of “when can we afford to retire?” for several years. The worry was always there, gnawing away in the background and yet not being addressed. Acting upon a recommendation, my wife and I, finally contacted Gary Neild at Blue Sky in 2014; well if only we had done that years before!

Who’d have known that there are financial planners out there who go the extra mile to understand exactly what your aims and aspirations are… their name is Blue Sky.

After collating all the various pieces of information, Gary and Tammy did a detailed projection and formulated a plan for us. We duly turned up for our meeting and were greeted by the statement “you can retire now if you want”!

I think our jaws dropped onto the table and there was a period of disbelief. I should say at this time we were both 56 years old and expecting to be told that we would have to work until we were at least 65 if not 67 (our state pension age).

Finally, we could now plan with some degree of certainty and at 57 I decided to step down from my business to do a 3 day week for a couple of years whilst my wife opted for a 4 day week. Bliss. The extra spare time allowed us to plan for the retirement neither of us thought we could afford. All the way through this process Gary and Tammy provided reassurance and installed the belief that we could ‘dare to dream’.

So here we are 5 years later, and our dreams have come to fruition; I retired at the age of 59 and having opted to work on a little longer, my wife is looking forward to retiring next year at the age of 61. The whole scenario seemed an impossible dream before our visit to Blue Sky back in 2014.

Unlike other financial planners I have dealt with over the years, Blue Sky manage to combine professionalism with a truly holistic approach recognising that whilst financial security is a facilitator, there is such a lot more that contributes to a satisfying and fulfilling lifestyle. In our opinion the “icing on the cake” are the annual review meetings. From the initial warm welcome to departure, the whole experience is very reassuring and provides the peace of mind, I for one, always need!

Our sincere thanks to the whole Blue Sky Team for their true professionalism, care and attention to detail.

Steve & Jackie WDorset

Here’s to the next 15 years.

As we celebrate 15 years as clients of Blue Sky, I felt compelled to write to you. This morning, coming in for our financial review, we were met by Louise who welcomed us as old friends. She handed us into Russell’s care, who greeted us warmly too. All our information had been updated and used with attention to detail and we were quickly reassured of our financial status.

To allay any concerns we might have about our property in Menorca, Russell introduced us to Gus, who confirmed that our plans were sensible. The attention we received from the Blue Sky Team  was exemplary and we have no hesitation in recommending you wherever appropriate.  Wishing all of you continuing success at Blue Sky

Ed & EmmaDorset

A Real Pleasure

This is the beginning of our second year with Blue Sky and we can honestly say the experience has been a real pleasure. We had never been very financially astute; just existing day to day really, although we both had paid into pension schemes. When we inherited some money we were worried about the prospect of investing it sensibly and it was extremely fortuitous that at this point Blue Sky was recommended to us by a friend.

Although we were quite anxious about our initial meeting, all our fears were unfounded. We were put at ease and have been very pleased with everything. Gary consistently makes every effort to understand our situation and is very sensitive to our individual needs. He always explains everything in terms we can understand and has never put any pressure on us to agree with his recommendations. We are aware that Gary has clients with far larger investments than ours; however he always makes us feel that we are just as important as any of his other clients.

Meeting with Gary and Tammy is always an enjoyable and uplifting experience. We leave feeling reassured and confident that we can enjoy our future. We only wish we’d been introduced a couple of decades ago.

Mr & Mrs QBournemouth

Spend your money!

Blue Sky Financial Planning always make us feel relaxed and at ease. Gary and his excellent support team have a wide breadth of knowledge and experience and without this support and advice, we would not be able to make decisions about our future and financial planning. Their ability to show us different financial plans based on different events has greatly eased our concerns and given us peace of mind.

We feel reassured by Gary and the team that they understand our needs and wishes and they have helped us to take control of our finances and look forward to the future. Blue Sky is the first financial planning service to advise us to spend our money!

Thank you

Mr and Mrs CodlingDorset

A Poetic Review

Blue Sky?
Many reasons why.

Money comes and money goes;
With Gary and team, mine just grows.

Investments safe or risky, it’s my choice,
Much good advice, but I have my voice.

Their eyes always on the fiscal situation,
Blue Sky emails regular updates and information.

Their office is an efficient and friendly place,
Good coffee, and your name on a parking space!

Part of Blue Sky’s all embracing personal touch,
Gary, Russell, and your team THANK YOU VERY MUCH.


The Personal Touch

Having entrusted our finances to Gary and the Blue Sky team about 14 years ago, we have never regretted it. Over that period, he has carefully steered us through some turbulent economic times. He has got to know us and our attitude to risk – generally cautious – and his advice and suggestions have always been based on what we, as individuals, are looking for in our financial planning. There is not a “one size fits all” approach to their financial advice.

For us, that personal touch is very important, as it is something thatis missing so much these days, not just in the world of finance.

A FairleyHampshire

Genuinely Life Changing Advice

We cannot underestimate the life changing experience for us in gaining a full understanding of our financial situation and plans towards retiring in the next few years, through the help of Martin and Tammy at Blue Sky Financial Planning.

We have good business acumen, but it takes a special skill to be able to assess, communicate and guide you through the real minefield of pension and savings legislation and in a way that doesn’t scare you! From the moment we first met Martin and Tammy, we felt that they had a genuine desire to understand us personally and that we were not just a number on their client register. The ability to review and refine the cash flow models gave us a real visualisation of the impact on our choices over our pension and retirement, it is so powerful and memorable!

Over the last year we have had a number of issues challenging us on the rollercoaster of life; but being able to talk with Martin and get his perspective has been crucial in helping us make well informed decisions. At a personal level, we feel strongly that the values of Blue Sky come through Martin and Tammy very well and we do feel that we can trust them totally with the most important financial decisions that we will ever make.

Thank you.

Mr and Mrs A KendallFerndown

Always there for us

The best phrase that I can find is “working with” Blue Sky, as I think this describes the relationship that you have with the company. We have had a plan to move abroad for a couple of years now and Blue Sky have been part of that planning phase since the beginning. Gary and Russell have helped us from the beginning with their innovative cash-flow forecast. I always read the blogs from Gary with the examples of people who have discovered peace of mind from being able to take a long-term look at their finances and realise that with planning they do have more than enough money to satisfy their future lifestyle needs. However, I know that this works as we are a perfect example of this being put into practice.

Blue Sky, through Russell and Gary, work out the numbers required for you to enjoy your money and live comfortably.  However, the crucial part happens from the planning phase right through to implementation. It is not just about numbers – it is about them understanding your needs as well as understanding where you are going with your life. This may sound out of their scope but it is a massive differentiating factor. It allows them to give better advice, take better financial decisions and give more peace of mind. 

My wife and I have had a real feeling that Russell and Gary were there to support us. We have always felt that they have a real vision of what we are trying to achieve and this insight has helped them make our money work best for us. They have lived through our move with us and have been a massive part of making it work. As my wife said, “We couldn’t have done this without Russell and Gary.” 

My advice is…be open with Blue Sky in the planning phase, trust and follow their judgements as they work and communicate with them. The more that Blue Sky understand about your lifestyle and goals, the more that they can help you achieve them”.

Richard Gray

A huge relief!

I originally contacted Gary Neild of Blue Sky Financial Planning approximately two years ago when I was looking for advice on pension investment.  I had limited financial knowledge and Gary very patiently guided me through the process and was always at the end of the phone to answer any queries.

Up until I met Gary and his team, I had always been concerned about my financial future.  Not anymore!  Together we have compiled a risk management plan which includes life insurances and cashflow forecasting.

The cashflow forecast enables me to see at a glance what my financial situation will be at certain stages in my life.

It is a huge relief to know that I am financially secure and I can concentrate on enjoying my life and carry on spending … subject to Gary’s agreement, of course!  Thank you Blue Sky!

Mrs M Davidson

Investing for the future

I have used the services of Blue Sky for the last eight years now. As well as having insurances through Blue Sky, I have investments in pension funds, ISA’s and I have been investing in the monthly opportunity investment fund for the last two years.

Having achieved an average investment return of over 9% per annum over the last eight years (and this during the worst financial crisis I have known), Blue Sky have proven their value time and time again. They continually exceed my expectations.

Gary and the team at Blue Sky have always advised the best investment / planning methods to help me achieve my goals – be it financial or personal, without me needing an interpreter to decipher the usual jargon some advisers try to bamboozle us with. Most importantly, they also listen.

Knowing my financial plan is tailored to me and the fact that I can check the status of my portfolio online whenever I want, provides me with the confidence – and more importantly trust – to employ the services that Blue Sky provides.

I would gladly recommend Blue Sky to anyone looking for financial planning services.

Mr HowardTechnical Director, Bracknell

Moving forward with confidence

My wife and I, like many I suspect, have always been uncertain and on edge regarding our finances. Although comfortably off, we remain ignorant and keen not to explore the nitty gritty of our finances. This I think is mostly centred on the what if? question. It is the fear associated with what if the interest rates go up? or what if the stock market falls? etc, that keeps our heads buried firmly in the sand and leads us to live with a “we’ll get by” philosophy.

It was on this background that Gary and the Blue Sky team have been so supportive, considerate and professional. To be able to have matters so clearly explained, graphs that are clearly understandable and the opportunity to wash away many of our fears and look clearly at what is possible, built around our needs with a kind and gentle-handed approach has been a blessing. Gary has such a calm, caring, capable and professional approach.

There is much fear associated with going for financial advice, there are many bad stories and let downs. But trust is at the heart of what Blue Sky offers so well. You do not feel you are being sold or pushed a product, you are developing a partnership focusing on your own best interests.

The cash flow forecasting has been very rewarding and has done so much to address our fears. We feel our minds have been put at ease.

In conclusion, I would echo Nelson Mandela’s wonderful phrase that I feel so much reflects the skills offered by Gary and the Blue Sky team:

a good head and a good heart are a formidable combination.”

This has left me feeling confident in the advice I have been given, and the direction forward we agreed together. Kate and I feel grateful to have had this opportunity, and say thank you. Meant from the heart!

Mr & Mrs Segal


Well…..I’ve done it!

Tony has left the building for the last time as an employee. 🙂 

I wanted to thank you and your team again for giving me the confidence and ability to do what I have just done.

This is down to the hard work, commitment and personal care you and all your team provide in order to help make my dreams come true….and I sincerely thank you for that.

Am going to take a couple of weeks to chill and adjust to my different way of life.

I know this is going to be alien to me for a little while, but will arrange to come down and see you very soon.

Lets face it …I’ve got plenty of free time now. 🙂  #feelingsmug


Worth the wait

We are so pleased that we found Blue Sky. It is the first time that we can honestly say that managing our money is fun!

They are not like other financial professionals that we have spoken to; their first aim is to make us feel comfortable and confident in discussing our position – not finding something to sell us.

The regular reviews allow us to debate options and give us time to consider, without the pressure of a salesman wanting their commission.

I wish that we’d found Blue Sky 20 years earlier!

Mr & Mrs StevensonChristchurch

Keeping it in the family

I decided to invest with Gary at Blue Sky on advice from my son-in-law, as his mother and father were receiving a generous return on their funds, and as it turned out his advice was solid.

I have been with Blue Sky for seven years now and I receive a monthly income which tops up my pension and I lead a comfortable life, whilst my capital has grown year on year.

My annual meetings with Gary are informative, clear and personal. Time is taken to ensure that I am getting what I want and need from my money and an explanation of the markets is simplified so that I can understand what’s been happening in the past year and what will likely happen in the future.

I have reached the stage in life where I am slowing down and am not as active, in the past two years I have taken lump sums to make home improvements, have a holiday of a lifetime and enjoy my money in my later years with comfort in the knowledge that money is invested wisely with Blue Sky.

Mrs Court

Somebody to trust

Great to meet up yesterday and I was thinking as I went home that we have been on a journey together. I just wanted to say thank you for being ‘my man from the AA’ so to speak: breakdowns, repairs and MOTs – somebody to trust.

JB – Christchurch

Our Needs Understood

It bothered us coming to the time in our lives (being pensioners in our 60s) where we were unsure of what the future would hold. We were unsure of how much money we might have left in years to come to maintain the quality of life we enjoy at the moment. 

We discussed this with Gary at Blue Sky (in a relaxed and modern office). We are now pleased that it is possible to continue with our enjoyment of bowls, as well as yearly holidays, whilst maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the future.  

Gary didn’t rush us, and listened to our aspirations carefully until he understood our needs fully. With his helpful, professional advice for future planning, we are over the moon knowing that we have no financial worries ahead. 

We are so pleased that Blue Sky was recommended to us.

Mr & Mrs L

We have received excellent advice over the years.

My husband and I have been with Gary Neild and Blue Sky for nearly twenty years. Over that period of time the company has expanded and personnel has changed but the ethos has remained the same. We are always treated courteously and professionally by all staff and we feel confident that our money is in safe hands. Gary and Tammy are very approachable and complement each other well. We have received excellent advice over the years.

It is always a delight to see Gary or Tammy, whether in person or on Teams, because they are always cheerful, calm and well prepared for our meetings. We always feel that they know us and care about us, as well as our finances.

Mrs A JonesSalisbury

I feel secure and safe in their hands

I have been a client with Blue Sky for over six years.

I have so much confidence in their decisions about my financial investments and feel that their experience, team communications and wealth of knowledge, reflects why I feel  so well advised by them.

My knowledge of the financial world is limited but Tammy, (my advisor), simplifies it with basic graphs, summaries and a friendly approach.

I feel secure and safe in their hands and would highly recommend anybody I know to be guided by them financially.


Living Our Dream

I first met Gary in 2000 through our football connection and he offered advice on our private pensions. We took that advice and asked him to look after our small investments as well. Thanks to Blue Sky and their experience we were able to retire aged 63 in 2008.

We are living our dream… still running 2 cars and enjoying all retirement has to offer, 13 years on, now in Pembrokeshire, where we moved in 2017. This is thanks to Gary and Tammy’s advice and the Blue Sky team for their expert knowledge for our investments.

They look after our portfolio in a professional manner and are very approachable when we need advice. They treat us as friends more than just another client, which is great for a modern business. Even now, when we don’t meet personally, our investments and strategies are explained in full to us.

We trust them all completely and have recommended friends to them without hesitation.

John and VickiSouth Wales

Excellent advice and a pleasure dealing with the Blue Sky team

We have been with Blue Sky since the beginning and with Gary for 17 years. It has been a pleasure dealing with the Blue Sky team .The advice has been excellent especially making the paperwork on retirement so smooth, thanks to all the team .

Not only do we just get advice from the team, but we have particularly enjoyed attending the seminars with speakers informing us about the financial  situation from around the world  and how they see the way forward . Even with lockdown we had a reassuring talk on Zoom .

Paul and NicolaChristchurch

Immediately impressed with the whole experience of a likeable and professional team

After losing confidence in a previous financial advisor, I met Gary on the recommendation of a friend who has been a client of his for many years.

I was immediately impressed with the whole experience of a likeable and professional team who have immersed themselves in the financial world on our behalf. I have learned much about money over the last seven years and feel confident regarding my financial future. I like the regular communication, the mechanism for adjustments to funds in response to changing markets and value the annual reviews with Tammy.

While the numbers are important, the principle that our money is there to be used is always present, keeping things real. The performance of my investments has also been rewarding.


A stress free retirement with my investments in Blue Sky’s safe hands

Thankyou to you Gary and your team for the professional and friendly advice you have given me over the past 20 years.

There have been ups and downs with investments and I must say as a novice in those days, there was always an element of nervousness as we listened to the media and negative news of market fluctuations. My confidence grew with Gary’s professional advice and upbeat approach to investing, leading up to a very comfortable and stress free retirement with my investments in safe hands with Blue Sky.


The entire team are a pleasure to work with

I have been a client of Blue Sky Financial Planning for nearly 15 years.

Throughout this time I have benefitted greatly from clear and expert advice on financial planning, investments and pensions from Gary Neild and the team at Blue Sky. The entire team are a pleasure to work with and are very helpful and approachable. They have put me and my wife in a position to enjoy a secure and well financed retirement and I therefore, very strongly recommend Blue Sky for all aspects of financial planning and investment.


For financial peace of mind, working with Blue Sky has been the best thing we have ever done.

My wife and I have been under Gary and Blue Sky’s guidance for nearly 20 years.  Gary and latterly Russell, have both been brilliant in steering us through, shall we say, some interesting times, with the likes of negative equity and interest rates at 15% in the early 90’s, to the Banking crash in 2007/8, and now Covid 19!!

The pandemic in particular, has made us really appreciate Blue Sky’s worth. Covid 19 has made us realise that life is too short and that we needed to get out there and enjoy our retirement as quickly as possible, so as to live our remaining years to the full (travel permitting of course!).

Having discussed the possibility of taking early retirement with Gary and Russell, it became clear how vital our financial planning and investments have been over the years, allowing us now to feel comfortable that we will have enough money to see out our remaining years. Without Blue Sky’s guidance, help and understanding, I’m convinced that I would feel that I should still be working. Instead my wife and I are really excited about the years to come, knowing that our financial future is secure”.

Pete & JaneBournemouth

Living the life we wanted, for over 15 years.

A big thank you to Gary, Russell, Tammy & Andrew and all the team. It doesn’t matter who we speak to we are always treated in a friendly caring and professional manner. This I am sure is due at least in part to Gary’s leadership.

We have been clients of Gary for nearly twenty five years and seen Blue Sky expand and develop into what it is today. All this without any loss of its core values and personal service.

Our last review was conducted by Andrew via zoom and I am pleased to say we came away with the same level of confidence and reassurance as always, (sorry Gary).The only thing missing were the coffee and chocs!

On a more serious note having initially learnt about our background and identified our goals, Gary developed a strategy to achieve these.

Over our long relationship, Gary’s greatest achievement has been when I said I wanted to retire at age fifty five. Despite a limited amount in the pot we have now been living the life we wanted for over fifteen years.

Thank you Gary

Mike & ValHamble

I’ve experienced both the passion and commitment of the Blue Sky Team

Right from the outset of initial discussions to the transfer of funds, Russell and all the Team at Blue Sky have always interacted in a very professional, knowledgeable, timely and informative manner.

I have clearly seen and experienced both the passion and commitment the Team at Blue Sky provide their clients with. To now have a clear financial plan for both the ‘here and now’ and the future, has provided me with so much insight and, in a way, comfort, and I have Blue Sky to thank for that.


Stop dreaming, start living

We have worked with Gary and the team in the initial stages of planning our joint retirement.  They put you at ease and are able to present in a friendly and informative manner.  They have already guided us in sorting out our pension funds and helped us understand that can we can realistically achieve many of our dreams, the main one being retirement before we thought possible. Here a photos taken from the balcony of our holiday house, looking across the garden to the view beyond. We look forward to continuing our working relationship with Blue Sky.

Mr and Mrs Stoker

A Clear Path…

Switching to Blue Sky instead of trying to manage my own finances in brief moments between work and family has been a really good decision for me.

I am confident that they are taking good care of our family and business finances and they have given my a clear path to realising my financial ambitions.

I now spend less time thinking and worrying about financial planning and more time relaxing with my family.

They have also been very useful in helping navigate the complex NHS pension system and pension tapering as well as offering a variety of useful alternatives for retirement planning.

Dr Charles WODorset

How lucky am I?

I’ve just been reading through the presentation folder on Sustainable Investments and I’m really excited to be investing in sustainable companies.

How lucky I am to have plenty of money for a good life. Thank you for looking after it and making it grow and sustain me.

It was, as always, a pleasure to meet with you and to exchange family news as well as talk money. You know me and my view on life well and have managed my financial affairs efficiently and courteously for many years now.

Big thanks and very best wishes.


We could do it ourselves, but why when Blue Sky offer so much peace of mind.

I suspect, like many working couples, we invested as much money as we could in our pension, because it seemed like the right thing to do. However, we didn’t really understand how much was enough or when we could afford to retire. Dealing with Blue Sky was a breath of fresh air. Before any discussion about investment plans and options, a lot of valuable time was spent understanding our ambitions for the future.

When you work all your life, it’s strange to find that one day you don’t need to work. Not only that, with a solid investment strategy, you can still enjoy all the things you did before, and a whole lot more besides.

Regular updates and online apps and tools make it easy to keep track of your investments (if you choose to). You can rely on the focus that Blue Sky pays to the markets and trends to do that for you and advise when it might be time to make an adjustment.

I guess you can do all of this yourself if you want to, but frankly, there are many more things we would rather be doing!

Mr & Mrs BenestDorset

How far would you be prepared to travel to achieve blue sky?

A few thousand miles maybe, perhaps to Spain, Italy or Greece. Well, in September 2015 we went about 130 miles to Poole in Dorset in search of our blue sky. It turned out to be a very fruitful mission!

At Coy Pond we made our way into Blue Sky Financial Planning who had previously been armed with our relevant financial information. Following a warm welcome and very professional presentation we left 3 hours later doing high fives in their car park.

‘You can retire now’ they said, much earlier than we could ever have expected as we were only 59 and 60; both anticipating at least another 5 years at work. Based upon our current spending pattern we were told our funds would not run out until age 94 barring any unforeseen circumstances. Wow, what were we waiting for?!

The power of professional planning, help and support had hit us head on, so in June 2016 we did retire and have not looked back since. We now have the time and resources to experience the real blue sky (Greece next) and all this is thanks to Gary Neild and Russell Skinner at Blue Sky Financial Planning.

Our strong recommendation to those who haven’t yet planned for the rest of their lives, is to not delay doing so any longer. Gary, Russell and their colleagues are waiting to do that for you now and we are very confident that if you engage them, you will not be disappointed.

Good luck and happy travels.

Neil and PaulineBuckinghamshire

Family wellbeing

Many thanks indeed for your most helpful advice at our meeting last week. We will be house hunting with our niece this week and she’s delighted that with financial input from family and ourselves, she may now at last be able to get ‘a home of her own’.  You are indeed overseeing the wellbeing of our entire family!

Mr and Mrs NunnKent

Tailored advice for the long haul

Gary and the team have been looking after my financial affairs now for over 30 years, from the dark days of 15% interest rates in the late 80’s/early 90’s and negative equity, leading now to the autumn of my working life before heading towards what I now can see as a happy stress free-retirement, with the very real prospect that I can now choose to retire earlier than I expected.

This is something that I never thought would be possible. The fact that I can actually now contemplate this, is because I finally bought into Gary constantly telling me about financial planning and its importance. Initially, I thought it was not for me, as financial planning has always frightened me. But I’m relieved now that I listened and went with his advice.

What Gary and Russell have shown me is a life plan,  providing me with the comfort and knowledge that my retirement years are covered and the big events such as weddings etc. are not so frightening from a financial point of view. I’m actually better off than I thought I was and I can go on holiday…..although don’t tell the wife!

I’ve been so impressed with what Blue Sky have done for me, that I have insisted on some work colleagues (of varying age and stages of their lives) to meet with Gary and Russell so they can listen to what they have to say and be shown what can be achieved. Whether they go for it is up to them, but at least they can see what can be done with a bit of forward planning. Don’t get me wrong, a comfortable retirement from a financial perspective does not come easy and we have had to tighten some belts along the way, but certainly in hindsight, turning a blind eye to the future is not an option and it would be a hell of a lot scarier if you do!

Mr P GrahamDorset

Financial planning in the truest sense

Gary has been dealing with our financial affairs for several years now and a few years ago we had a dream of finishing our business and retiring  early. When we saw Gary, Russell and Tammy last year, the future looked really rosy and we couldn’t wait. But, as is often the case with life, things happened and it wasn’t as straightforward as we’d hoped and I for one was actually quite concerned about things.

However, with Gary’s calm reassurance and intelligent planning strategies, we found this year that we are still able to pursue our dream of retiring early and being able to do all the things we’d planned.

The service you get is exemplary and the team take a holistic view of your life plans and are able to factor in whatever eventuality you can think of such as expenses for holidays, weddings, new cars and so on.

To know that someone from Blue Sky is at the end of the phone is very reassuring and, for the simple peace of mind it has given us to pursue our dreams, it has been worth every visit we have made.

Mr & Mrs BawdenBournemouth

Finding someone to trust

When I met Gary for the first time ten years ago I was 54 years old, had just come out of a 35 year marriage and was in a very vulnerable state, frightened to trust anyone with my money.

Obviously the management of my pension fund was going to make an enormous difference to my life, and I knew nothing about investment. Straight away it became clear to me that Gary really enjoyed his work and took a great pride in keeping ahead of the game.

Since then I really do not believe anyone could have done better with my money. Without taking too much risk, he has ridden the recession so well. When we sat down and assessed my needs in retirement, Gary got me thinking about spending some money on something I really wanted, I bought a Shepherds Hut, which has given me a much needed extra room. This has made a huge difference to our lives, I really would not have contemplated spending that money without Gary’s encouragement.

Gary has treated me as an individual and put a lot of thought into helping me. He has gathered around himself a superb team, who are very kind and helpful.

I am very glad that I placed my trust in him.

Mrs MulcahyFordingbridge

More than just financial advice

I have never liked the financial industry. I have had a distinctly dim view of ‘financial advisers’ since some 30 years ago when I was persuaded to get myself into almost unmanageable debt at the start of my career, jeopardising my home and contributing to the demise of my first marriage. Sure, it wasn’t all their fault, but what they saw in me was an opportunity to sell some products and make a commission rather than give out sound, sensible advice on not just money matters, but everything else that is intrinsically attached to money.

The language of money, the structure and procedure of the industry may as well have been Mandarin to me, but at the time it was the fashion to mortgage yourself inside out, get a loan, get a credit card. At no point did anybody tell me, in plain English, what the consequences could really be.

Since those dark beginnings, I have had several other ‘financial advisers’, all of whom have left me with a feeling of them not getting the point – not seeing that I was someone who wasn’t educated in the ways of the finance industry (let’s face it, who is when they leave school?). Financial competence seems to be something we’re all supposed to inherit genetically, or absorb out of the ether. I was intent on being myself, getting on with my work as a sound engineer to the best of my ability, earning a crust. Money, although important, wasn’t the biggest thing. There was and still is, more to life.

In my business people are the most important commodity. The work can consume you and all those around you if you let it, which I have and although it is possible to earn a reasonable wage – at what cost? And who do you trust to advise you on managing both the money and yourself?

Time has a habit of occasionally coming through, and a few years ago my sister persuaded me to approach Blue Sky, and Gary Neild in particular, with a view to him helping me out with investing some inheritance money. I was reluctant, but acquiesced. To say that I am happy I did would be a gross understatement!

I approached Gary with all my defences up, and determined to expose him as yet another con-man in a sharp suit with a maths O Level. Before I knew it, he was agreeing with me! We talked about how wrong it was that financial management wasn’t a critical part of the school curriculum, about how ethically broken the industry could seem to somebody like me.  Most importantly, Gary was able to educate a hardened cynic and imbue a deep sense of trust in me. He spoke my language, knew my pain and wanted to put it right.

Above all, what Gary has given me is the self-confidence to believe in myself as a saleable commodity, a desirable brand. I have suggested that Gary should consider re-branding Blue Sky as what they do is so much more than dish out financial advice. Life coaching, financial education, business mentoring, personal guru services – I could go on. He has helped me initiate the process of changing the way I work, to align it more with the other things around me that are important, like my family. He has taught me to listen to myself and those close to me, and to have the courage to change things for the greater good. He has taught me that money isn’t a dirty word, and that life is about living, not earning. He has put me on the right path.

I’m still not rich, but at least now I can see what’s possible!

Mr HoneywillSound Engineer

The personal touch

Thank you for your time the other Friday. It was helpful to meet and have our review. We really appreciated you considering our needs individually and your advice in terms of going to a bi-annual review.

We hope you have a good summer and we look forward to working with you via Tammy and Martin in the future.

Tim & Nicole

A friendly approach

At Blue Sky you are made to feel more than just a customer, you are made to feel like a friend. From the moment you walk in and are greeted by friendly smiles the whole aim is to appraise your situation and glean from you, just what you want from your visit. In a pleasant atmosphere you tell Blue Sky how you feel and what you want and you are listened to. They will then use their expertise to tailor a solution that does it’s best to meet your goals for investment whilst also meeting your requirement for caution.

Mr & Mrs Hughes

Live in the moment!

I continue to be very impressed with the service I have received from Blue Sky and, in particular, Gary and Russell.  They are extremely professional and are very knowledgeable on all financial matters. They are always on the end of the phone to talk through any issues or concerns that I may have. Their cashflow forecasting model has given me peace of mind and enables me to “live in the moment” and not worry about the future. Thank you!


Don’t plan to invest, invest in planning

It’s a tremendous reassurance to know that Gary and his team have such a firm understanding of our financial wishes.   The care they show in all our dealings with them is enormously impressive – in creating a life plan, in explaining their recommendations, in discussing our reactions and in implementing our decisions! We would have no hesitation in recommending Blue Sky to anyone!

David & Giselle Nunn

Long may it continue

I have been with Blue Sky for 15 years and in that time I have never doubted their ability to look after my finances.

Gary and Russell are very professional, experts in their field and are passionate about what they do.

When it comes to money, I am one of those who needs all the help I can get.

They care not just about my money but about me as a person and, after leaving our annual review meetings, I feel happy, confident and rejuvenated.

Long may it continue.

Mr & Mrs CrumplerChristchurch

Not at all as we had feared

It was an amazingly uplifting feeling leaving Gary’s office following our consultation with him. I had gone in expecting the voice of doom telling me I would have to work well passed retirement and that we wouldn’t be able to afford any real pleasures if we didn’t work.

Gary asked us about our dreams, desires and ambitions if money was no object, which was quite an emotional experience because they seemed like impossibilities.

Using the cashflow forecast, he was able to demonstrate that, with sensible management, our future was.  He showed us ways to use our money and make it work for us; ways that we could afford to spend several thousand on a holiday, family or to give to charity every year and still have enough to look after ourselves in our old age.

He opened our eyes to a comfortable future of fun, enjoyment and giving – rather than guarding our money just in case.

Mrs K IlesChristchurch

Making a difference

Before we went to see Gary, we were doubtful that a financial adviser could make much of a difference to our circumstances. Our mortgage was backed up by an under-performing endowment which worried us but we thought we would just be advised that we need to make larger monthly contributions.

Now, with Gary’s help and advice, we have a plan in place which not only means that we are happy and confident that our mortgage will be covered without having to make larger contributions, but also that if we continue and invest and plan well, our financial future will be much better than we had previously hoped.

Mr & Mrs Gilmour

A refreshing and rewarding experience

We have been with Blue Sky for nearly three years, and during this time Gary and his team have demonstrated a very high level of professionalism coupled with a sound, down-to-earth approach.

We like the principles on which Blue Sky activity is based, we like the way in which, through a dialogue, the client’s objectives are identified and then the overall financial strategy is constructed. In this time we have been stimulated to think more clearly about our financial objectives in the short, medium and long term and have been encouraged to play a more active role. The advice we are receiving is undoubtedly tailored to address our specific objectives, and we feel that there is a lot of proactive thinking in Blue Sky’s management of our investment portfolio.

In conclusion, we are glad that in 2011 – when we felt the need to change financial adviser and vetted 3-4 possible alternatives – we selected Blue Sky because their business philosophy appealed to us. It has been a very refreshing and rewarding experience, and we are looking forward to many more years of cooperation.

Hans and Maria Grundmann

The personal touch

My wife and I first joined with Blue Sky Financial Planning in 2003, and since we have watched the company develop into what is a highly proactive and professional organisation.

The senior team is knowledgeable, current and innovative in their thinking. We have appreciated the personal touch offered by advisers; what is key for us has been their continuing sensitivity to the needs and aspirations of us as clients. We have been delighted with our association with Blue Sky and with the progress our portfolio has made under their stewardship.

Mr Lockyer

Taking Ownership Of Our Future

Thank you for taking time out to meet us yesterday to present the cash flow projections prepared on our behalf.

To be honest, it was probably fair to say that we didn’t really know what to expect and were a little sceptical with regard to the likely outcome. I’m very pleased to say that you very quickly allayed our fears and we both came away feeling somewhat liberated and satisfied that we were finally taking ownership over our future security.

It may sound like a cliché, but I can honestly say, I woke up this morning without the customary nagging doubts about our future and, above all, my ability to plan for our retirement!

Mr & Mrs W, Dorset

In safe hands

Retiring can be a daunting process, giving up a regular salary to rely on pension income.

I needn’t have worried as Gary and the team at Blue Sky have done an excellent job sorting out my finances.

From analysing my future income needs to arranging investments and generating pension income the whole process was expertly managed and I felt fully informed every step of the way.

I can now relax knowing my retirement finances are in safe hands at Blue Sky.

I was impressed with the way Blue Sky guided me on the fund selections within my pension portfolio while I was at JPM.

On retirement I was more than happy for Blue Sky to look after my pension investments, confident that I wouldn’t need to worry about my pension income.

Mrs Coussell

Comfort In Turbulent Times

Gary Neild has looked after our money for around 14 years and during this period, there have been turbulent times; most notably 9/11 and the recession. There have been ups and downs, but we always knew that the portfolio was being watched closely on a daily basis giving us comfort in the difficult times that all the financial markets faced.

We have watched Blue Sky grow and evolve into the company it is today.  As it has grown, Gary has not forgotten or ignored the smaller investor, and we are very pleased with our returns.  In particular, around 8 years ago, my husband transferred in a frozen pension that had been stagnating. He is now shortly to retire, and the growth in this pension pot has been significant, whilst following a balanced investment approach. As he approaches retirement, Gary has helped to sort out the other smaller pensions, provided advice, and arranged drawdowns. He has made the process hassle free and we cannot speak highly enough of Gary and the Blue Sky team.

Mr & Mrs P, Bournemouth

A rich retirement

I met Gary Neild about 20 years ago when I first moved to Bournemouth to start a new job, and he came to give a talk about financial management on my induction programme. Since that time Gary has supported and encouraged me to use my money wisely and plan for the future.

However, I am a bit of a worrier and was very anxious about retiring and fearful that I would not have enough money to enable me to enjoy life after working for 45 years. I delayed retirement until I really had a few wake up calls concerning my husbands health and some of my friends were dying before they could enjoy their retirement. 

It was then that Gary encouraged me to consider the Cash flow analysis to see just what I could afford to spend and still have enough as a back up plan if life got tough. 

I had a dream of going to Canada to see my good friend and I really wanted to see the wild life and especially a black bear!  I had never allowed myself the luxury of a long haul holiday as I thought I could not afford it but Gary showed me that I really could afford to do it. 

Last year my dream came true and I had the most wonderful time and I saw my black bear within a few feet of me!! I am so glad I listened to Gary in the end because he could demonstrate clearly with flow charts and figures that I could afford more than I would have believed.

Listen to Gary because he knows what he is talking about! 

Mrs J Mills

Live the life you want

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