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Making sense of the options and delivering value: The Blue Sky Approach.

We have clients that work exceptionally hard to build personal wealth from their work. Many of these clients are executives or professionals that are aware of their options and talk to their peers about assets, pensions, investments and the markets.

However, in our experience, all too frequently people never get around to actually doing something about formalising their wealth creation strategies. Often, because there are so many options, and so much to know, inertia becomes the default.

Executives and professionals are exactly the people who stand to benefit most from astute money management as time spent on planning now, will deliver greater choices in later life.

Whether it’s early retirement, buying a dream home, travelling the world or helping others – or even all four and more – our team can help you understand your options in all the detail you need to make informed decisions and ensure your money is working for you.

If you are an executive or professional and your earnings are significant, having a focused and dynamic plan can save you a surprising amount of money and build wealth more effectively.

Blue Sky can help you understand your current assets, income and policies and build a clear strategy for how you can enjoy your money throughout your life. We work with clients on Comprehensive Financial Planning; a journey that starts with understanding your life goals and timeline. We then go on to build a portfolio of assets, pensions and investments that will deliver on your goals over your lifetime. This Comprehensive Financial Planning is often a defining point in people’s lives; it gives you clear visibility of income throughout the rest of your life and can be adjusted to show different scenarios.

It’s exciting, scary and powerful all at the same time!

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