Inherited Wealth

Inherited Wealth

Making sense of the options and delivering value: The Blue Sky Approach.

People who inherit money are often unsure how to use their newly acquired capital. Emotional connections to an inheritance can lead to poor decision making when a more analytical approach is required for long-term security.

Knowing all your options will give you a greater chance of ensuring the inheritance is used wisely. Should you pay off a mortgage for example? With interest rates hovering around all-time lows, is this the best approach? Will your capital maintain its real value or will inflation erode your future spending power?

Capital that is used to generate income will usually be subject to tax: Could funds be placed in an environment that takes advantage of tax relief and allowances? Our experts can help you with these decisions.

There are so many pieces to the puzzle with inherited money. Not surprisingly, many of our clients find dealing with inheritance an emotional and confusing time. At Blue Sky we will help you evaluate your options and devise a strategy that suits your particular circumstances and by doing so, we aim to remove the anxieties you feel.

Mitigating Inheritance Tax

The Conservative Government have introduced new rules for inheritance tax, yet the headlines belie some of the detail. Sure, any help by the Government to reduce inheritance tax is welcome but to a large number of people, the potential inheritance tax on their estate is still significant.

We often find that tax planning in this arena is overcomplicated, costly and inflexible. There are some straightforward solutions but an appropriate arrangement is one that resonates with how you wish to live your life. As part of our service to clients we are able to demonstrate how your potential inheritance tax liability may change throughout your life and plan accordingly.

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