Health and Wealth

Health and Wealth

We believe health and wealth are intertwined. Without your health, it is very difficult to enjoy your wealth.

Our financial planning approach helps our clients to enjoy life, with confidence. It follows that you should have as much confidence as possible around your health. Like with your finances, we encourage you not to leave your health to chance.

We believe this is so important that we have teamed up with Chris Critoph, a consultant cardiologist and the friendly, professional team at Clinic 78 in Westbourne, Dorset. We have arranged significant discounts for our clients so they can be assessed in this lovely ambient environment.

Look after your health, it may be the best investment you ever make.

Don’t delay, invest in yourself today!

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    A rich retirement

    I met Gary Neild about 20 years ago when I first moved to Bournemouth to start a new job, and he came to give a talk about financial management on my induction programme. Since that time Gary has supported and encouraged me to use my money wisely and plan for the future.

    However, I am a bit of a worrier and was very anxious about retiring and fearful that I would not have enough money to enable me to enjoy life after working for 45 years. I delayed retirement until I really had a few wake up calls concerning my husbands health and some of my friends were dying before they could enjoy their retirement. 

    It was then that Gary encouraged me to consider the Cash flow analysis to see just what I could afford to spend and still have enough as a back up plan if life got tough. 

    I had a dream of going to Canada to see my good friend and I really wanted to see the wild life and especially a black bear!  I had never allowed myself the luxury of a long haul holiday as I thought I could not afford it but Gary showed me that I really could afford to do it. 

    Last year my dream came true and I had the most wonderful time and I saw my black bear within a few feet of me!! I am so glad I listened to Gary in the end because he could demonstrate clearly with flow charts and figures that I could afford more than I would have believed.

    Listen to Gary because he knows what he is talking about! 

    Mrs J Mills

    Wealth and Health

    I was very kindly invited to deliver a talk on screening in health care as part of a ‘wealth and health’ seminar hosted by Blue Sky.

    I was massively impressed by presentations from the Blue Sky team, their planning strategies and principles.

    We have since moved all our financial planning to Blue Sky and have felt very secure and confident that our finances are being managed as safely and efficiently as possible.

    The structuring of our investments that Gary patiently explains to us when we meet with him, are personally tailored to suit our specific needs and aspirations.

    My wife and I are much happier with our financial planning than we have ever been and would be happy to commend the Blue Sky Team to anyone.

    Dr A CMedical Consultant

    Our Needs Understood

    It bothered us coming to the time in our lives (being pensioners in our 60s) where we were unsure of what the future would hold. We were unsure of how much money we might have left in years to come to maintain the quality of life we enjoy at the moment. 

    We discussed this with Gary at Blue Sky (in a relaxed and modern office). We are now pleased that it is possible to continue with our enjoyment of bowls, as well as yearly holidays, whilst maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the future.  

    Gary didn’t rush us, and listened to our aspirations carefully until he understood our needs fully. With his helpful, professional advice for future planning, we are over the moon knowing that we have no financial worries ahead. 

    We are so pleased that Blue Sky was recommended to us.

    Mr & Mrs L

    The benefits of choosing Blue Sky:

    • Highly qualified and experienced team offering continuity of service, with personality
    • Clear strategies tailored to your risk preferences and goals
    • Independent, tax-efficient advice from across the whole market place
    • Succinct, regular client communications
    • Competitive fees

    We advise on:

    • Passive and dynamic investments
    • Trusts and Charities
    • Tax efficient options
    • ISAs
    • Pensions
    • Sophisticated investments
    • Discretionary, advisory and bespoke portfolios
    • Cautious investment to high growth strategies

    Live the life you want

    We enhance well-being through Comprehensive Financial Planning.
    We reduce anxieties, explore possibilities and create excitement about the future.