Financial Planning for Medical Professionals

Financial Planning for Medical Professionals

Are you a medical professional looking for more bespoke and timely advice about your finances now, and in the future?

Welcome to Blue Sky

Since 2006, Blue Sky has been offering independent financial advice to medical professionals in Dorset, Hampshire and London.

“I’m so busy working and have so little time to organise our future.”

This is such a common sentence. We understand completely that the demands on your time are significant. But, with your earnings potential being lucrative the inefficiencies that can build up around your tax, investments and pensions can be penal.

Don’t just work for your money, let your money work for you.  


Our independent financial planning approach will help you model lifestyle scenarios, help you explore the possibilities for you and your family and allow you to enjoy your money whilst you have good health.

To fulfil your potential and enable you to live the life you want, we ensure:

  • Any investments are managed effectively and your strategy flexes as economic and market conditions change
  • You understand the best way of drawing down money from your private practice
  • You know how best to take benefits from your pensions and investments, in the most tax efficient way
  • You clearly understand your options around retirement.

Understanding how much you need and when is essential. Then you can work towards your number.

Don’t leave your future to chance.

Contact Blue Sky if you want to be more in control.

Professional expertise is what you need.

The benefits of choosing Blue Sky:

  • Highly qualified and experienced team offering continuity of service, with personality
  • Clear strategies tailored to your risk preferences and goals
  • Independent, tax-efficient advice from across the whole market place
  • Succinct, regular client communications
  • Competitive fees

We advise on:

  • Passive and dynamic investments
  • Trusts and Charities
  • Tax efficient options
  • ISAs
  • Pensions
  • Sophisticated investments
  • Discretionary, advisory and bespoke portfolios
  • Cautious investment to high growth strategies

A  Clear Path…

Switching to Blue Sky instead of trying to manage my own finances in brief moments between work and family has been a really good decision for me.

I am confident that they are taking good care of our family and business finances and they have given my a clear path to realising my financial ambitions.

I now spend less time thinking and worrying about financial planning and more time relaxing with my family.

They have also been very useful in helping navigate the complex NHS pension system and pension tapering as well as offering a variety of useful alternatives for retirement planning.

Dr C W OMedical Consultant

Wealth and Health

I was very kindly invited to deliver a talk on screening in health care as part of a ‘wealth and health’ seminar hosted by Blue Sky.

I was massively impressed by presentations from the Blue Sky team, their planning strategies and principles.

We have since moved all our financial planning to Blue Sky and have felt very secure and confident that our finances are being managed as safely and efficiently as possible.

The structuring of our investments that Gary patiently explains to us when we meet with him, are personally tailored to suit our specific needs and aspirations.

My wife and I are much happier with our financial planning than we have ever been and would be happy to commend the Blue Sky Team to anyone.

Dr A CMedical Consultant

Work Life Balance

Having been pessimistic about financial planning for many years, the team at Blue Sky have given me full confidence to let someone else organize my finances!

With clear upfront costs, face-to-face discussion and a clear vision from the outset, Blue Sky have given me a long-term strategy for investment, which takes all my family’s individual needs into consideration.

They have also given me confidence to reconsider my work life balance and begin the process of retirement planning.

Since investing with Blue Sky, returns have been higher than expected despite the current turmoil due to COVID19.

Dr J BMedical Consultant

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    We enhance well-being through Comprehensive Financial Planning.
    We reduce anxieties, explore possibilities and create excitement about the future.