Tax Planning

Tax Planning

Making sense of the options and delivering value: The Blue Sky Approach.

We help higher rate taxpayers to save on the amount of tax they pay. For our clients with complex needs, we create bespoke tax saving strategies and we advise those that want to pass money to the right people, at the right time.

The financial crisis of 2008 and subsequent changes in Government, have led to frequent changes across the tax spectrum and it is important to consider possible tax strategies that can save you money. Nothing untoward here, it’s just about using allowances and reliefs made available by the Government.

In our experience many people pay more tax than they need, simply because the legislation is so complex.

Equally though, for our clients, we don’t let tax advantages alone dictate overall strategy. Having liquid capital and sensible cash flow is a must. In most cases, Tax Planning becomes part of a much larger financial strategy to insure all allowances are used wisely.

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At Blue Sky we offer assistance with three types of Tax Planning:

Income Tax Strategies

With changes in pension legislation, we now have more control over how we take benefits from pensions, yet it can lead to us paying more income tax. There are ways we can reduce levels of income tax but any advice is tailored to each individual’s circumstances. Planning is the key first and foremost, using personal allowances where possible, before considering various tax planning arrangements.

Inheritance Tax Solutions

Most people want to pass the right amount of money to the right people at the right time with the least amount possible going to the Government. Easier said than done! Planning is the key and using allowances wherever possible. There is often confusion around the rules regarding Inheritance Tax and the rules appertaining to preventing capital erosion resulting from care fees. We are able to advise on a whole range of strategies and can demonstrate how potential Inheritance Tax liability can change throughout your lifetime depending upon how you wish to live your life.

Capital Gains Tax

A lot of people do not utilise their capital gains tax allowances effectively. Using the allowance properly when disposing of certain assets, can help build long term wealth as part of a full and comprehensive financial plan.

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