Topical Issues

Topical Issues

Current issues, looming deadlines and tips

The rules and regulations regarding pensions, investments and tax are always changing, sometimes at quite a pace. This page is intended to highlight how changes may affect you, whether action is required before a specific date and ways in which you can best position yourself ahead of the changes.

What are the current issues:


  • Lifetime allowance
  • Annual allowance tapering
  • Potential of lower tax relief on contributions
  • Potential cap on tax free cash
  • Flat rate State Pension


  • ISA entitlement inherited by spouse on death
  • Withdrawals and reinvestments not using up allowance
  • Help to buy ISAs


  • IHT main residence allowance
  • Changes to dividend tax
  • Buy to let higher rate mortgage interest relief removal
  • Buy to let 3% stamp duty
  • Personal savings allowance