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Retirement and pension advice for individuals and couples.

Are you looking to plan your retirements and pensions, in line with your goals for a fulfilling life?

Welcome to Blue Sky

From our welcoming office in Poole, we have been providing independent strategic pension advice to our clients since 2002. We inspire people to take control and not leave their lives to chance.

Pensions are, in simple terms, just another form of investment. Yet there are numerous types of pensions and, with pension legislation changing so rapidly, there is a great deal of confusion and a real need for expertise in this area. For Blue Sky clients, retirement is not just about pensions however; it is about making the right choices at the right time to live the life you want, now and in the future.

Many of our clients have accumulated various pension plans throughout their working life, particularly now that people have become more occupationally mobile. We understand that retirement planning can be daunting so we help our clients make sense of what the various pension arrangements mean. We can help optimise contributions in the most tax efficient way and evaluate the best ways of drawing pension benefits in retirement. We can also assist you if you are worried about breaching pension limits and paying more tax.

We believe in truly bespoke advice, for truly individual circumstances.

We reduce anxieties, explore possibilities and create excitement about the future.

The benefits of choosing Blue Sky:

  • Highly qualified and experienced team offering independent advice on retirement options
  • Clear investment strategies for your pensions, tailored to your risk preferences and goals
  • Advice about funding within tax limits on annual basis and for the lifetime allowance
  • Efficient tax advice on how best to take pension benefits
  • Succinct, regular client communications giving directional guidance on changing pension legislation
  • Comprehensive planning through cash-flow modelling, creating your own individual tailored drawdown programme

We advise on:

  • Personal Pensions
  • Self-Invested Pensions
  • Defined Benefit Schemes and Transfers
  • Executive and Directors Pensions
  • Creating investment portfolios for large corporate schemes.

Time to talk?

Our aim is to help you identify ‘your number’ and make a seamless transition from working life into retirement, when the time is right. We can guide you on how to increase pension contributions, make your arrangements as tax efficient as possible and plan ahead to ensure the money never runs out.

Retiring, investing, inheriting, tax planning or minimising the impact of care fees; none should be viewed in isolation. It’s about coordinating your wealth by making the most of allowances and opportunities.

We are here to make sense of it all.

Book your consultation today, or call 01202 756560 to speak to the team.

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    Live the life you want

    We enhance well-being through Comprehensive Financial Planning.
    We reduce anxieties, explore possibilities and create excitement about the future.